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  The C-Word  April 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 2009
at the Playwrights Theatre Centre on Granville Island, Vancouver

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The C-Word cast (from left): Preet Cheema (Akesh Gill), Sheryl Thompson (Ashley Hennessey), Grace Chin (Kelly Cho), Fane Tse (Steve Chung), Raahul Singh (Pal Prasad). Photo by Terry Wong,

If cheating is colour blind, so is commitment, increasingly a "C-word" to both sexes. How do you deal with intercultural cheating, commitment, and consequences? The C-Word, a contemporary, set-in-Vancouver dramedy directed by Mel Tuck, invites an intimate in-and-out of the bedroom view of four friends' lives when infidelity and unforeseen consequences force them to choose to whom, and to what, they must commit. More

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Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre, Austin-Tuck Studios, Playwrights Theatre Centre, Tempest Photo, Easy Headshots. Door prize donors: Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre, Mainstream Actors Studio,, Le Kiu Importing Co., Ltd., Loving You Elvis (The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of British Columbia)

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Previous productions

a take-out love story

an accidentally Asian romantic dramedy

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Bios (in alphabetical order)


Lead players

Raahul Singh (Pal Prasad) was born in Fiji and grew up in Alberta, influenced both by Hollywood and Indian cinema. His mother is a published Hindi poet, and he acted on his dreams by enrolling at Vancouver's Gastown Actors' Studio, training with Mel Tuck. "I was the only East Indian in the school, and they cast me in roles like Oberon, Achilles, and John Proctor on stage." Since graduating, Raahul has landed leading roles in four independent films including the Toronto-filmed Bolly Double and a supporting role in the Hollywood film The Guru, plus a host of TV credits. He also writes and produces and is excited to be back under the direction of Mel Tuck in The C-Word, his second play with TF Productions.

Sheryl Thompson (Ashley Hennessey) moved to Vancouver in April 2006 to pursue her acting career after escaping from the tar sands of the Alberta oil patch. Theatre highlights include Poor Superman, Saving Metropolis Equity Co-Op; Muddy Footprints, Kiss the Unicorn Productions; and Anton in Show Business, Back to Beulah and Vinegar Tom for Broad Minds Productions. She was also featured on a recent episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Thanks for the Kit Kat, Gene.

Fane Tse (Steve Chung) was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, where he learned quickly that things can get boring fast, and you have to be creative to keep yourself entertained. His love for acting started in Grade 11 when he and his best friend were asked to play bald gravediggers in his high school production of Frankenstein. He studied acting at the University of Calgary, and graduated with a double degree in Drama and Communications Studies. Fane is incredibly excited to be part of his first stage production in Vancouver and to be working among a very talented group of peers.

Grace Chin (Kelly Cho) was born in Malaysia and has called Vancouver home since forever. She is in the Playwrights Guild, the Editors' Association of Canada and UBCP, and has worked with Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre, Theatre in the Raw, CBC Radio British Columbia, the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, and in the Vancouver Fringe, as well as in TV and film. She co-produces the Scripting Aloud script-reading series; co-wrote TF Productions' first stage production Twisting Fortunes in 2007; wrote its second, The Quickie, in 2008; and is The C-Word's writer and co-producer.

Supporting players

Preet Cheema (Akesh Gill) was born and raised in Kitimat, B.C. where she grew up performing in theatre productions. After moving to Calgary with her family in 1998, her passion for acting grew. Preet’s first film role came in 2004 when she was cast as a main lead in Manmohan Singh's hugely successful Punjabi film, Asa Nu Maan Watna Daa. Having finished her Commerce degree at UBC in May 2008, Preet is now fully focused on her acting career. She can be seen on upcoming episodes of The Guard and Psych.

Vincent Cheng (Mr. Cho) developed a facility for public performance from conducting seminars throughout Southeast Asia as a management consultant, including a stint as a presenter on Hong Kong public TV. He has been involved with Vancouver's film and TV industry since 1995, and "learned acting from the school of life." Vincent was last seen locally on stage in the musical, Voices of The Fraser, by Angela Brown, in which he played the part of Chang.

Lili Lau Cook (Mrs. Cho) comes from Nanking, China. Starting at age 11, she studied intensively for five years at the elite Performing Arts school in Jiangsu Province, from which she graduated top of her class. She toured for five more years throughout China, performing lead roles with many of the best Chinese opera companies and winning an award for best actress, before moving to Hong Kong where she had a regular role on a traditional costume TV series. Lili moved to Vancouver in 1989 and continues to teach and work in opera, plays, dance, film and TV.


Darren Boquist (lighting design) is an actor and lighting designer. Select past lighting designs include Carousel Theatre's The Odyssey, Mad Duck Theatre's Shakespeare's R & J and Titus Andronicus, Up In The Air Theatre's Men of the World and 120 BPM and the Walking Fish Festival, Fugue Free Theatre's Out Like Flynn, Pi Theatre's Carnage, and TF Productions' Twisting Fortunes and The Quickie. Darren toured his one-man Fringe show in 2008, The Official Napoleon Dynamite Dance Class, to rave reviews and sold-out shows.

JJ Lee (wardrobe consultant) reports on fashion from Vancouver for CBC Radio One and the Vancouver Sun. He also blogs about fashion at

Mel Tuck (director, set design) is the founder of Gastown Actors' Studio Ltd. and of Austin-Tuck Studios. A highly regarded pioneer of Canadian theatre, a director of international reputation and an innovator in theatre training technique and philosophy, many of Mel's students have moved on to major roles in the Stratford Festival, the Shaw Festival and regional theatres, as well as gained international exposure in the North American film and TV industry with credits in Street Legal, Wiseguy, 21 Jump Street, The Commish, Madison, Highlander, Dead Man's Gun, The X-Files and Millennium. His students also include Genie award-winners Molly Parker and Martin Cummins, and Emmy award-winner Eric McCormack.

Charlie Cho (co-producer) co-wrote and co-produced TF Productions' first stage production Twisting Fortunes in 2007, and co-produced their second, The Quickie, in 2008.

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"The C-Word goes to the next level, exploring a search for meaning in relationships. This is Chin's most frank and sexual play to date, and hints at the darker sides of relationships and human nature, not to mention weddings." - Todd Wong, What is the C-Word that is the meaning of life?, Gung Haggis Fat Choy

"The new face of Canadian society is here. This play reflects what Canadians are today, and the true meaning of multicultural values in today's Canada. Children of immigrants have developed new values, and although there is no hint of discrimination when they say 'that white woman' or 'brown face,' that seems to be the lingo these days of the young multiculturals. - Ed Farolan, The C-Word, reviewVancouver

Mel Tuck directs multicultural cast in The C-Word

Vancouver, BC—If cheating is colour blind, so is commitment, increasingly and equally a "C-word" in the most euphemistic sense to both sexes. And if the thirties are the new twenties, how do thirtysomethings in Vancouver deal with intercultural cheating, commitment, and consequences?

The C-Word, a contemporary dramedy directed by Mel Tuck (founder, Austin-Tuck Studios, Gastown Actors' Studio), invites an intimate in-and-out of the bedroom view of four friends' lives when infidelity and unforeseen consequences force them to choose to whom, and to what, they must commit.

"The 'C' word, in our case, stands for commitment, which is the source of great conflict," says Tuck of the play's themes. "The fear of loneliness makes people settle for comfort and control, and creates great big lies out of little fibs."

In The C-Word's familiar Metro Vancouver social landscape, Pal Prasad (Raahul Singh) is a professional love guru trying a little too hard to practice what he preaches, while his money-honey Ashley Hennessey (Sheryl Thompson) pays lip service to open relationships and wonders if this is as good as it gets. Steve Chung (Fane Tse) is tired of lubing up to stick with it, and his fiancée Kelly Cho (Grace Chin) will do anything to avoid getting hitched. Complicating the choices are Kelly’s opinionated parents and her feminist best friend Akesh Gill (Preet Cheema), as The C-Word presents clashing social, generational and cultural perspectives on doing the Right Thing.

The C-Word is the third original play from TF Productions, the team that brought the city The Quickie, a send-up of Vancouver's speed dating scene, and its first "accidentally Asian" romantic dramedy, Twisting Fortunes. All plays were workshopped at Scripting Aloud, a pan-Asian Canadian scriptreading series active since 2005.

The C-Word features lighting design by Darren Boquist (Walking Fish Festival) and set design by Mel Tuck from a new script by Grace Chin (Playwrights Guild of Canada), one half of the TF Productions writing/producing team that includes Charlie Cho. TF Productions is grateful to receive support and sponsorship from Austin-Tuck Studios, Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (VACT), the Playwrights Theatre Centre, Scripting Aloud, and Colin Foo.

Thu. April 2, Fri. April 3, Sat. April 4
Thu. April 9, Fri. April 10, Sat. April 11
All shows 8 p.m.
Venue: Playwrights Theatre Centre (1398 Cartwright Street), Granville Island
Tickets: $20 at the door, $18 online via PayPal at
"2 for $30 Thursday" April 9

Media enquiries:
Shyam Wazir
Cell: 778-772-1458

Download press release (PDF, 73 KB), cast/crew bios (PDF, 129 KB)

See our previews in Review Vancouver and We are listed the Georgia Straight, p. 41.

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The C-Word cast (Foreground, from left): Preet Cheema (Akesh Gill), Grace Chin (Kelly Cho), Sheryl Thompson (Ashley Hennessey). (Background, from left): Fane Tse (Steve Chung), Raahul Singh (Pal Prasad). Photo by Terry Wong,

Photo by Ray Shum, Tempest Photo

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